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Sandy Beach Bakery

Mar 14, 2024

How our bread is distributed to all the Seaside hotels in Gran Canaria 

In the heart of Mediterranean cuisine, bread is key. Diners from across the globe seek its comforting embrace, whether at a lavish buffet or an intimate table service. Beyond a mere accompaniment, it takes centre stage in some dishes such as toast and sandwiches.  

Its role is so important that the Seaside Collection group is committed to offering a quality bakery. Every loaf, every pastry is meticulously crafted by skilled hands to offer you the essence of Mediterranean culinary perfection.  

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"The team of bakers at Sandy Beach starts work every day at 1 am," explains Eva Karg, director of the Seaside Collection hotel chain. From this point, the fresh bread is distributed to the rest of the company's hotels in Gran Canaria: by 5 am it is all delivered to Palm Beach and at the Grand Hotel Residencia

The professionalism and experience of the team is beyond reproach. The outcome? Products that possess a taste so uniquely exquisite, that, in Karg's words "you can feel with a bread roll when you break into it and it still smells fresh". 

panaderia seaside

These details – the mouth-watering smell of freshly baked goods to the delightful crunch and precise baking temperatures, serve as the very embodiment of our group’s unwavering quality and excellence in gastronomy and service; and it also shows the Sandy Beach Hotel's commitment to the group's bakery production. 

This is also acknowledged by Juan Manuel Navarro Trujillo, chef at Seaside Sandy Beach: "The company has always had very high standards when it comes to bread making. And, in fact, we have a bakery that very few hotels can offer in terms of variety and quality". On this point, the chef points out that this wide range also includes the pastries served in the morning at breakfast and the pastries (all the desserts) offered at lunch and dinner. "Everything is made in-house". 

Sandy Beach Buffet  

The cuisine at the Sandy Beach Hotel transcends the ordinary, not only through our exceptional bakery, but also through the variety of products offered at our buffet. In fact, one of the characteristics of the Seaside Collection is its commitment to themed buffets, ensuring every guest is met with delightful surprises and an abundance of choices. 

"On our theme nights, we transport you on a culinary journey, from the vibrant flavours of Canarian cuisine, offering a multitude of enticing options, to an exclusively Spanish spread that's equally diverse. We also offer German, Arabic, Italian and other culinary treasures", explains Juan Manuel. And he adds: "We cover the whole geography, and each dish is a standout representative of its origin".    

The buffet, the Sandy Beach’s signature offering, has become the best dining option for our guests as it embodies a lively and dynamic atmosphere, perfectly suited to the holiday spirit. In fact, according to Chef Navarro, this is a widespread demand. "Our guests enjoy preparing their own salad and leisurely selecting their second course, be it grilled meat or fish".   

There is so much variety on offer that, as the chef acknowledges, so far, all the buffet proposals have been a resounding success. "The richness of our selection always ensures satisfaction among our guests", he explains. However, Juan Manuel also points out that the restaurant also offers an additional menu, catering to individual cravings or desires.  

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The themed buffets, the craftsmanship in our bakery (including an array of delectable pastries and cakes) and the option for a bespoke menu, reflect the seal of quality of Seaside's gastronomy. At Sandy Beach Hotel, we take immense pride in being the birthplace of this culinary excellence.   


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