Seaside Bakery

The in-house Seaside bakery in Gran Canaria

The Seaside bakery in Gran Canaria has been located on the lower floor of Seaside Sandy Beach since 1996. From here Andre Waldow and his six-person team supply Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia*****GL, Seaside Palm Beach***** and of course Seaside Sandy Beach**** with freshly baked products several times a day.

The team bakes in two shifts virtually round the clock, from one in the morning until five-thirty in the afternoon. This ensures that Seaside guests can enjoy fresh bread and rolls with every meal. Everything is produced in-house, from rye bread, brown bread and six-grain bread right across to cakes and sweet pastries such as almond crescents, various Danish pastries, muffins and donuts. In addition to their standard range, Waldow and his team also take care of a variety of special orders, including brioches and sweet croissants for Grand Hotel Residencia, pan de payés for the Palm Beach or mojo breadrolls for the à la carte restaurant La Bodega Palm Beach. The Seaside bakery can be relied on to deliver the goods.

The ingredients which go into these are just as impressive as the bakery‘s products themselves: every day around 100 kg of flour, 10 kg of sugar, 4 kg of butter, 60 eggs and 15 litres of milk are consumed.

andre waldow

Andre Waldow, head baker

Since his arrival in 2007, our head baker, Andre Waldow, has been working with his own dough, all the recipes come from his head and are the result of extensive experience. He is not only a baker in body and soul, but also a perfectionist, which guarantees the highest quality.