Cycling o​​​​​​n Gran Canaria: bikes aren’t just for summer

Feb 01, 2024

One of the most popular features of the Canary Islands is their good weather all year round. Here, bikes are not just for summer, they’re for 365 days a year.

Cycling Routes​​​​ on Gran Canaria 

Another aspect that makes bikes an excellent year-round form of transport is the island's own logistics. Tourists who come on holiday usually travel by plane and don’t have vehicles on the island. If they want to move from one end to the other, they have to rent something, which may or may not be a car. That's why cycling is so important on the islands, particularly on Gran Canaria. 

Ciclismo Gran Canaria

The island is about 235 km in circumference and has diverse landscapes and types of terrain ranging from deserts to forests. Cycling makes it much easier to get to places that are difficult or almost impossible to reach by car. This makes cycling a clear advantage for enjoying holidays with sun, beaches, sport, volcanic landscapes and endless other benefits, such as excellent cuisine

​​Seaside Collection suggests three different routes through the south of the island with the same starting point: Maspalomas. ​​​​​​     ​​​ 

- ​​​Short Cycling Route. Ayagaures Dam.​​ 

The first route is a round trip to Ayagaures dam – a short trip of 26 kilometres, but full of climbs (from the Aqualand water park onwards) and descents (from the Palmitos Park botanical park and zoo). 

- Medium Cycling Route. Santa Lucía and San Bartolomé de Tirajana​​.

The second suggested adventure covers 79 kilometres and is a route crossing the municipalities of Santa Lucía and San Bartolomé de Tirajana. Its highest point, Taidía, is 1,147 metres above sea level. 

- Long Cycling Route. Las Niñas Dam and La Degollada Viewpoint​​.

Finally, a suggestion only for the bravest cyclists: a 100-kilometre journey through Puerto de Mogán, Cruz de San Antonio, Ayacata and San Bartolomé de Tirajana, passing Las Niñas Dam and La Degollada de las Yeguas viewpoint, ending in Maspalomas.  

Cycling events on Gran Canaria 

As well as the various cycling routes that can be followed on your own, there are various cycling events throughout the year on Gran Canaria, including La Titánica Challenge, Transgrancanaria Bike and the Mogán Challenge. The calendar is full of sporting competitions that are all about your bike. Be sure to check out all the cycling events in Gran Canaria.  

Cycling is a tremendous attraction for islanders and tourists, and the​​​​​​ Sandy Beach Hotel is ideal for cyclists. It’s a sporting hotel that allows you to bring your own bicycle and also has a shop for renting bikes and accessories, a workshop for repairs and guides. 


Hotel Cycling in Gran Canaria

The Seaside Sandy Beach Hotel offers plenty of sporting options​​: tennis, golf and fitness. To promote cycling, it offers its guests the chance to rent a City Bike free of charge for a day. This is an undoubtedly immersive experience that allows you to discover new corners of the island, which may not be the ones that appear in the travel guides. You can do this either individually in the town or via the guided tours offered on the road or on trails. 

Bicicletas Free Motion

​​​Free Motion, the bike rental shop in the Sandy Beach Hotel, also has electric bicycles to make it easier for those who want to follow this kind of route but don’t usually ride a bike. And that's not all. If there’s anything wrong with your bike, you can go to the repair shop. There are so many facilities for cyclists! 

Travel to Gran Canaria, explore its geography and experience its essence. Remember that here bikes are not just for summer, they’re for all year round. And that the Sandy Beach Hotel provides its guests with a City Bike for a day – and even allows you to bring your own. Book your room now and enjoy your summer holidays on Gran Canaria. Don’t be left behind! 


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