Soft Pack Treatments

      Wraps nourish and soften your skin while detoxifying it. Herbs, Algae or Mud are applied to the skin on the different body parts that are being treated, which are then wrapped in cloths. After this healthy and purifying treatment, you will feel like Cleopatra, who used this method as a rejuvenating and cosmetic treatment.

      The skin cells’ vitality is stimulated thanks to the active substances in the extracts. The aroma they give off is relaxing and each application stimulates circulation and relaxes muscles.

      Body wrap with cream of evening primrose oil 25 min. --- 38 €

      Treats psoriasis, eczemas and sensitive skin.

      Cleopatra Cream Wrap 25 min. --- 29 €

      Recommended for dermatitis, eczema or dry skin.

      Natural mud Wrap 25 min. --- 29 €

      Helps relieve degenerative joint conditions.

      Aloe-Vera-Wrap 50 min. --- 53 €

      Soothing and nourishing wrap with Canary Island Aloe Vera, great for sun-damaged skin.


      For more information: spa@sandy-beach.es