Villages on the island

      Gran Canaria makes it easy for you to find villages of outstanding beauty.

      Tejeda is situated in a valley surrounded by beautiful scenery. Here you will find an impressive natural formation, Roque Nublo, a 67-m high monolith which is one of the landmarks of the Canary Islands.

      Alternatively you can visit Arucas, a village well-known for its rum and built around the church of San Juan Bautista (1909), the altar of which features an image of Christ on the cross which was carved in the 16th century.

      Near Arucas the village of Firgas is well-known for its views of the coastal region and for its mountain spring water. The majority of people in Gran Canaria have this high-quality water delivered directly to their homes.

      Teror is home to the patron saint of the diocese of the Canary Islands "Nuestra Señora La Virgen del Pino". In this place of pilgrimage a popular festival is held every year on 8 September. You can also visit the "Museo de los patronos" museum here and see the beautiful "Plaza de Tereza Bolivar" square. The sweets made by the nuns of the local Cistercian cloister are much appreciated by those in the know. If you get the chance you should also try the sweet blood sausage.

      You will find out that in addition to its beautiful coastline and mountain villages Gran Canaria has plenty more to offer. Why not take a map and go on a tour of personal exploration. We'll be happy to help and advise you!