Exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells and makes you look more healthy and natural. We use only the best quality products: Bamboo Fibres, exotic oils, minerals, gentle fruit acids, vitamins, herbs, healing clays and sea-salt.

      Lemon and lavender body peeling 25 min. --- 29 €

      Refreshing peeling for cleansing and nurturing of the skin.

      Vitamin-C Body Peeling 25 min. --- 32 €

      Body peeling scrub with mandarin flavour.

      Peeling scrub with bamboo 25 min. --- 34 €

      Pleasent peeling with bamboo fibres and exotic oils especially for sensitive skin.

      Oriental Rasul 30 min. --- 29 €

      Intense peeling scrub for the entire body in a Rasul bath with natural eucalyptus, medicinal soil and sea salt, to active the metabolism.

      For more information: spa@sandy-beach.es