In our 4-Star hotel on Gran Canaria, you can set up a full exercise plan thanks to our varied sports facilities and services. We have an gym on the terrace of the 9th floor, which is closed with glass panels to protect you from the wind and offers a fabulous view over the ocean as well as an indoor gym with equipment on the 3rd floor.

      Both gyms are equipped with cardio-machines (Steps, Rowing Machine, Treadmill, etc.), a multi-gym with weights and aerobic and gym equipment.

      You can train alone or in a group with our Aerobics, Gym or Pilates classes.

      After your physical work-out, we can offer you several options to rest and relax your muscles. Visit our Wellness-Centre and get a comforting massage. Or plunge into our pool, fitted with underwater jet-streams and massage beds.

      You can also visit our physiotherapy room at the Seaside Sandy Beach. We offer therapeutic gym and apply the treatment corresponding to each case. Amongst other discomforts, we treat hip and knee osteoarthritis, postural problems, lumbago or cervical syndrome.

      You should not stop exercising during your holidays on Gran Canaria. And to get your strength back, nothing better than the acclaimed Seaside Hotels Cuisine.