Maspalomas nature reserve

      South of Playa del Inglés is the Nature Reserve of Maspalomas, which covers the lagoon and the dunes, behind which the beach begins. This delta with its 404 hectares is rich in migratory birds, including majestic herons, ducks and lively sandpipers. The flora of the area is also home to the well-known Maspalomas giant lizard, a harmless species which can reach a length of 80 cm.

      The Charca de Maspalomas

      The Charca de Maspalomas is a small lagoon which provides an indication of what the earlier swamps of Maspalomas must have been like. The lagoon is an important ornithological centre for research into canaries.

      The dune landscape

      The dune landscape of the south is unique for Gran Canaria. The dunes, some of which move when blown by the wind, can reach a height of 8 m.

      The oasis of Maspalomas

      All Seaside Hotels in the south of Gran Canaria are in an excellent location adjacent to the oasis of Maspalomas and the beach of PLaya del Inglés. You will be impressed by the thousand-year old palm trees and the rich birdlife to be discovered in the palm grove.

      The beach of Maspalomas

      The golden sandy beach of Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés is about 6 km long and begins in the south by the oasis of Maspalomas and it ends at Playa del Inglés. On the beach you will see a blue flag fluttering – a sign of outstanding water quality and infrastructure. Equally impressive is the promenade, which enables you to stroll, hike or jog for long distances along the coast. After sunbathing you can enjoy a dip in the sea at water temperatures between 18 and 23° C. The beach also has a nudist area, together with sunbeds and kiosks.