The Seaside Hotels in Gran Canaria treat you to sunshine the whole year round. The constant mild climate means that Gran Canaria is an enjoyable holiday destination for 12 months of the year. The island is located at the heart of the other Canary Islands, around 210 km from the coast of Africa. Because of their volcanic origins the Canary Islands are a mixture of impressive rocky mountainous landscape and fertile agricultural land.

      In the southernmost part of Gran Canaria a warm, dry climate awaits you, with an average annual temperature of 23.5 ° C.

      Because of its average annual temperature ranging between 18° and 25°C Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the north of the island is regarded as the capital city with the world's best climate.

      Because of their location the Canary Islands should really have a desert-like landscape. However, thanks to their "continent in miniature format" the islands have a range of micro-climates which, in addition to other factors, have been created by the mountainous terrain, the Atlantic, their proximity to Africa and the trade winds. As a result, compared with the deserts along the same lines of latitude the Canary Islands have remained cooler, moister and highly fertile.

      The dry, sunny climate of the south of Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma contrast with the moister more northerly parts of the islands. The northern trade winds with their moisture are obstructed by the mountains at the centre of the island, a phenomenon referred to by many locals as "the donkey's belly". As a result the weather on the beach can continue to be warm and sunny while the mountains at the centre of the island are covered in snow.